Sep 12, 2018

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Best Places to Stay in Singapore

Best Places to Stay in Singapore



Singapore is a modern small island nation. It is famous for its technology as well as the architectural beauty. It has some of the most popular skyscrapers and also great beautiful gardens. If you visit Southeast of the world, you should definitely visit Singapore. A perfect blend of Asian cultures exists in different areas. There are various landmarks and attractions and various popular places to see on your Singapore Trip.

Best Places to Stay in Singapore

  1. Studio M Hotel

Studio M Hotel is a very elegant place with a proper contemporary design. It is decorated very stylishly. Even the lofts are very highly decorated. It is a great place for relaxation. It lies between the financial district and the nightlife of Singapore. So it can be reached very easily from all the corners. It is a top attraction of Singapore. It is the best hotel in Singapore.

  1. The Inn Crowd Backpackers Hostel 2

It is a very exciting place for the backpackers. It is in the Little India neighborhood. The Inn Crowd Backpackers Hostel is a great place to stay with all the facilities and can be booked very easily. You can even avail free breakfasts over here. Guided scooter tours are the best thing that you can get here. It is a great way by which you can roam around the entire place on your own and check out all the nearby attractions. It is the best hostel in Singapore and it is frequented by the youth crowd and the foreigners.

  1. The POD Boutique Capsule Hotel

All the nearest attractions of Singapore like Marina Bay are located very close to this place of stay. The POD Boutique Capsule Hotel is at walking distance from these places. It is the best accommodation in the entire Singapore. You can free breakfast buffet and bed along with all the basic amenities and features that you might be requiring.

  1. Tree in Lodge

This is a very environmentally friendly place in Singapore. It lies in the oldest neighborhood of Singapore and is frequented by tourists all the year round. There are various hawkers and traditional shops and many transit routes connecting over here. It is located amidst the bustling city. There are various dorm style beds in this lodge which is very reasonable. It is an ideal place for solo travelers or for people who wish to travel on a limited budget.

  1. Costa Sands Resort

Costa Sands Resort is located in Sentosa. You can simply rest and relax over here. There are various modern amenities. You can sleep in Kampung hut and also in proper deluxe rooms over here. You can even get a rustic experience. It is located very close to the beach.

  1. Hotel Mono

Hotel Mono is surrounded with lush greenery on all sides. It is a traditional accommodation where you will feel relaxed and calm. It is a perfect getaway for the couples as well as for families. It offers a comfortable stay with many facilities and that too on a limited budget. This boutique hotel is situated in Chinatown. It is easy to reach Singapore’s top attractions from Hotel Mono. It just takes a few minutes to reach the sightseeing places of Singapore.

To have an enriching experience while visiting Singapore, it is essential to have a great stay with all the facilities and on a limited budget.

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