May 17, 2017

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Top 7 RV Packing Tips

Top 7 RV Packing Tips


With a perfect blend of creature comforts and the ability to change the scenery constantly, camping or living full time in an RV can be a blast. The only limitation to this freedom is the availability of living space no matter the size of the camper. Therefore when preparing for a trip regardless of the duration, it is wise to pack based on a few criteria. The first criterion is based on the essentials. Once those are sorted, you may find just enough space to pack in some creature comfort pieces. Here are seven packing tips when preparing your .

Start with Tools

Being prepared is ten times better than being sorry, life on the road will take its toll on your RV, therefore, be prepared to tighten or do other small fixes when traveling. A few handy tools to have are a socket wrench set, different sizes of Phillips and flat-bladed screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a strong clawed hammer, a tape measure and for emergency use only, a folding tree saw.

Pack Appropriate Clothing

Knowing the weather at your destination as well as along your route will dictate what kinds of clothes you will pack. Plan to stop at a laundry mat along the way as too many pieces of clothes will only serve to create clutter due to taking up too much space. While on the topic of clothing, remember that you will need to have showers and naps on route, therefore, pack some linen, towels and a washcloth for your daily ablutions.

What’s for Dinner?

The dinner table is among the most important places in a home. It represents what it means to be a typical and quintessential family; it allows for great and unbreakable bonds to be formed. The first step is to plan meals as far into the future as you can, that way you can pack with an end goal in mind. If possible, pack a lot of disposable eating utensils which can be placed into a securable carton and tucked away. During transit, any loose items can become a dangerous projectile which will distract the driver and cause accidents. The same idea applies to pots and pans, pack items which can be stacked and tucked away easily.

Leave Space for Souvenirs

in some areas will give you pre- transportation costs for some items such as fruits. Leave some space for really cheap purchases such as berries among other items to be discovered.

Create Balance

The center of gravity of the RV is high and it will cause it to tip while driving if incorrectly packed. Be sure to equally distribute the weight around an RV so that it is stable on the highway.

Safety First

Not many things can put a damper on a great time as an injury. Since you will be on the road, have a first aid kit with the basic supplies and an extra bit of cash just in case.

Battling Boredom

Transit between two distant points will give occupants a lot of free time with nothing to do. Fill this time by breaking out the travel-sized board games and keep the good times rolling.


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