Sep 23, 2017

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Looking for a 2018 Auto-Sleepers?

Looking for a 2018 Auto-Sleepers?



The good news is that the new models are now on the horizon.

After lots of speculation and eager anticipation, some of the new features are also becoming clear too – though exact details are to follow.

Here we’ll look at some of these by way of whetting your appetite!

Air conditioning

Beloved as the traditional and even iconic raised skylight is, most of us would admit that it isn’t always massively effective in extreme conditions.

So, the news that the Mercedes-Benz luxury model 2018 Auto-Sleepers looks to have air-conditioning included will be welcome. It’s something that people have been looking for – and for some time.

Van conversion – internal décor

It looks as if several models will be coming with significantly different décors and trims. The extra good news is that buyers will be able to choose between some options and that apparently this will be a “no extra cost” facility.

The insides of our motorhomes are a very personal space and people like to have choice. Henry Ford may have got away a century ago with saying “customers can have any colour they like – providing it’s black” but in the 21st century people want variety and personal preferences – albeit within some framework.

This will deliver that.

New tracker system

Security remains an issue for many motorhome owners.

That’s why the news that the 2018 Auto-Sleepers will have an upgraded tracker system is also likely to raise a few smiles.

It seems likely that the existing Hal-Locate system will be replaced by the new   Teletracnavman Trackstar. The first year’s subscription fees are seemingly to be included too.

Price increases

Perhaps not quite so welcome is the news that prices will rise.

There is some speculation on the final figures but amounts of £1500 across the range, or £2500 for Mercedes-Benz models, are being mooted.

Still on the slightly painful subject of price rises, the Fiat Comfortmatic 150 engine upgrade option will show a price which has increased from £2500 to £4000.


The 2018 Auto-Sleepers range is going to be popular.

That’s a raging certainty. It seems as if there’s no end in sight to people’s interests in these types of vehicles and indeed this entire leisure activity area.

The new improved interiors and facilities are already drawing considerable popular comment and that bodes well. Particularly around the new interiors and choices in that area, the new range is reflecting popular demand for ever more individuality.

Of course, price increases are never easy to sell as such. Yet in the scheme of things, the increases aren’t disproportionate and they relate to real and recognisable enhancements and upgrades. To put it bluntly, it’s possible to see what you’re getting for your extra money.

As always, interest in the new models is likely to be high and demand for viewings and/or test drives likewise.  That will be welcomed by the dealerships and manufacturers but from the point of view of potential owners, it means something very different – get along early to see them and book your test drives soon if you want to avoid delays!

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