Jun 16, 2017

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Affordable Luxury Villas in Mexico

Affordable Luxury Villas in Mexico


Until relatively recently, visiting far flung places was affordable only by the very rich. Today, with the advent of cheap air travel and affordable cruises, exotic and exciting holiday resorts are open to all of us, and it is far from unusual to take a break somewhere you could not have considered just a few years ago. Puerto Vallarta, for example, has rapidly become a holiday resort of choice; this small and friendly city on the Bay of Banderas in Mexico, with its glorious beaches and charming colonial feel, is one where you can enjoy a family holiday or a romantic break at sensible prices.

There are many reasons to recommend Puerto Vallarta – we will talk in more detail about the many attractions in a moment – but for many, it is the sheer choice of affordable, luxurious accommodation that makes it special. We recommend you check out the many  on offer, as you will certainly find there is something that suits your budget and requirements. They offer fantastic convenience – there are no restrictions you may find with hotels – and excellent facilities, plus the added bonus of privacy, and villas occupy some of the prime locations in and around the city.

Puerto Vallarta is a city that was largely developed during the colonial years of the 19th century, and has a distinct combination of older style Spanish influenced architecture, and the modern that has been built to accommodate the influx of visitors. Despite this, it is a relaxed and friendly resort that is not yet over-run with tourists, so you can still take a seat at one of the many wonderful street cafes and watch the world go by. The central plaza is highly recommended as a place to take a break, or you may like to take a walk on the Malecon, the paved walkway along the shore that is popular with couples and also home to a number of fine bars and restaurants.

Why Puerto Vallarta is Special

The great thing about Puerto Vallarta is the sheer diversity of attractions you can enjoy in and around the city. Head to the Old Town region and enjoy a quiet drink in a bar or café, or venture out of the city and experience the glorious waterfalls, rivers and forests that spring up in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range nearby; it’s a place of many wonders, stunning sights and glorious landscapes, and then there’s the amazing coastline.

Puerto Vallarta is home to many fine beaches; some are secluded, small beaches with a charming and personal feel – indeed, one of them was once a private retreat for the legendary film director John Huston, and is now one of the most exclusive beaches you will find anywhere in the world – while other feature beach-front restaurants serving delicious local food. Palm trees line the beaches providing welcome relief from the glorious afternoon sun, and if the water is your place to be, you are in luck.

The clear blue waters of the bay invite you to swim, and if you are into diving, you really are in for a treat. The shores along the bay are home to fantastic rock formations both above and below the water, plus stunning coral reefs that are home to a variety of amazing and exotic creatures, so you will see things under the water that will delight and amaze you. If you get the season right – and it is worth checking it out – the bay is a play area for pods of whales, which make an amazing sight as they swim around the waters of the Pacific, an experience that is never to be forgotten. This is a place where families can enjoy an unrivalled beach holiday, so make sure you get booked early!

Choosing Your Villa

The sheer choice of Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals means that there will certainly be one suitable for your requirements and budget. You can find villas that sleep four – perfect for a family or a romantic break – or larger accommodation that can handle perhaps 12 people, so if you are two families travelling together, you have the perfect choice. Furthermore, you get the added bonus of privacy and convenience, with none of the restrictions you may find in a hotel, so you can come and go as you wish.

Villas usually come with all the facilities you need for a home from home experience, and you can find some that are part-catered, usually with two meals a day provided. Housekeeping is also art of the deal, and you may be surprised at how affordable a luxury villa, complete with pool and other facilities, can be. Indeed, check out the many villas on offer now, and you will see that it is the cost-effective choice of accommodation. Choose a villa with direct access to the beach and you also get the benefit of superb views – perfect for enjoying a relaxing evening with a drink, looking out over the glorious bay.

If you want to enjoy yourself in the evening, Puerto Vallarta is not short of nightlife; lively bars and excellent clubs, often with live music, make this a city where you can party as much as you can relax, and you will find a warm welcome wherever you choose to go. If you are looking for a family holiday that is affordable and exciting at the same time, this is the place to go, so check it out now, and book a luxury villa in a unique and wonderful place. Legierungen sind stoffgemische aus zwei oder mehr elementaren metallen, wie ghostwritinghilfe.com/ messing, das aus kupfer und zink besteht

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